María Trina, a woman of noble heart and admirable mother, was born in San Lázaro, a charming village nestled among the mountains of Venezuela. Her guitar resonated in the church, bringing joy to the locals with her melodies. She designed and sewed garments for the townsfolk and shared her food with the less fortunate. She always demonstrated a great sense of solidarity with the most in need and a commitment to serving the community.

One day, inspired by her desire to help even more, she discovered that by combining the fresh vegetables of the region with a local dairy ingredient, she could multiply the portions of food she could offer. Thus was born the recipe for TRINA Hot Sauce, a perfect blend that became a treasure for those who tasted it, and which María Trina always gifted to those who visited her home.


From the love that arose between Doña Trina and her husband Don Antonio, three children were born, among them the young Luisa Antonieta. Although born in the same mountainous town as her parents, life led her to settle in the state capital. However, she carried with her an important part of her roots: the family tradition of making a unique hot sauce sauce.

In her home in the city, Luisa Antonieta continued her mother's legacy. Soon, her hot sauce resonated among friends and acquaintances, who longed to taste it. Thus, her house became a place to find a special flavor, where each meal was enriched with that unique touch that awakened the senses and nourished the spirit of those who tasted it.


Luisa Antonieta began a life with Don Julio, and together they brought three children into the world. In their home, it was common to accompany everyday meals with the spicy touch of tradition. Their daughter, María Virginia, inherited this deeply rooted tradition from her mother and grandmother, carrying it with her when she formed her own family with Javier Mendoza. In their home, this hot sauce continued to be the inseparable companion of every dish, infusing family gatherings with its unique flavor.

Over time, María Virginia began to perfect the family recipe, experimenting with new ingredients to add nuances and more intense flavors. Soon, her relatives and friends became the main beneficiaries of her culinary creation, joyfully receiving the jars of spicy sauce she shared.

It was on an ordinary day when her husband, observing how each visit to their home did not leave without taking a jar of hot sauce, decided to turn a family tradition into a business opportunity. Thus was born the idea of commercializing the hot sauce in Venezuela, which later traveled beyond borders to reach the United States, where in union with their sons, Eduardo and Javier, they have given life to TRINA Hot Sauce, a family business that today is a reality.